Get to know Shelbi!

Hey Y'all, I am the lady behind the lens! I am a small town girl based out of Palatka Florida. Photography was not really a big part of my life until it really stuck with me after my tour in Germany with the U.S. Army. Being in Europe as a soldier taught me so many things about the adventures in life and brought light to the joys of travel, culture, and relationships along the way. I have since become a wife and mother and love every second of it. I truly fell in love with photography when I realized how precious each day of our lives here on earth really are. The feeling of capturing days in our past really sparked something in my soul. I love meeting new people and have so many places not yet seen on my bucket list.

Fun Facts about me!

  • I am a lover of coffee and most days need it to function
  • I am a travel addict and can not go over a year without experiencing a new place
  • I am a boy mamma! My little guy keeps me on my toes for sure!
  • I tend to be a social butterfly and may talk your head off. SOOO you're welcome to tell me HUSH at anytime
  • I love all things real and raw. Our lives are unique and I am seriously into capturing it

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