Let's be Real

We all get a little stressed about planning our family portraits. Let's get real and talk about the real reasons why it tends to get stressed. Momma's such as myself hate our photo being taken. IM JUST BEING HONEST. I am terrified of my double chin and hate my dang back fat. Getting that out of the way, we really forget that our children and family do not see the ugly parts that we do. It is so easy to pick apart a stunning photo by criticizing the way we see ourselves. DO NOT let those feelings get in your way of having the best family session ever! After we get over that hump of "crap I am gonna be in photos" funk it is time to pick out the outfits. This part makes me want to pull my hair out because I can never make up my mind! But thankfully I have a cool styling and color guide that I will share with you. The last thing I feel that gets terrifying is.... drum roll... OUR CHILDREN. Are they going to be good? Are they going to smile? OMG what if they act so bad!? Don't worry I have to tricks for making it fun for the little! So let's jump in and plan this together.

A family session should be fun and show the parts of us that we love. yes it is an effort and does require a little bit of planning, but you’ll be so glad you did it Our children do not see our flaws as we do. Sometimes the most beautiful moments are those in the moment. Family sessions with me are very interactive and show emotion.

Some Tips to Think About


My first tip is to make a very loose plan. Whilst you may be drawn to really natural images, there is often a lot of planning that goes into them beforehand! Decide on the type of photos you want - do you want them in your home or outside in a favourite park? Or maybe in a field somewhere? If outside, think about the time of day - do you love that beautiful golden light? Then you’ll need to plan to get these images in the evening (about an hour before sunset). Once you have narrowed down the look and feel you’re going for, it’ll then help you to plan the next stages of the shoot.


When you see any of my family photography, I will have always prepared my client with some useful information about clothing - what to wear and what to avoid. Spend a few minutes bringing some clothes together and seeing what works. I’d always advise against matching everyone - but that’s totally up to you. I have a great styling guide to check out!


Although you’ve chosen a specific time of day you’d like these images to be taken, getting the timing right is key here. Think about when everyone is happiest and let that be the deciding factor. If children are really miserable late afternoon, then obviously avoid this part of the day. They need to be able to co-operate for a few minutes, so if after an afternoon nap is when they are happiest - do it then. My child is grumpiest mid day and gets his second wind late evening. We tend to have late sessions with our photographer after he's had dinner.


Letting your children know that you want some photos together is really important. I know for my child, he needs a little warning. Giving your children incentives works great! Think stickers, sweets, a trip to the park a.k.a bribery. You have to be prepared to move fast as their attention span really doesn’t last for long. We will play games, such as ring around the rosey and have interactive time to get those beautiful smiles.

Styling Tips

What Clients are saying

Shelbi has been our photographer for years! From our family photos to our wedding photos they always turn out beautifully! She is so professional, yet treats you like family and is so patient with children which makes for such a comfortable photo shoot. I couldn’t be more thankful for these perfectly captured memories!

  • The Coleman Family

Moments Still in Time

That sweet squishy face, those big doe eyes and those baby giggles that disappear before our eyes over time. We only have a few short years of the baby stage and I can not stress enough how fast it passes by. One way to take advantage of those moments is with a family session.

How to book your session & Frequently Asked Questions

Booking your session with me is super easy! Just reach out through email, messenger or phone and ask about the date you have in mind. We will set a time and place and start the planning process leading to your day of fun.

Can we bring our pets?

  • Absolutely!! Our pets are family too and it is so much fun to include them.

Are large extended family sessions a thing?

  • Yes!! Many families have reached out to me for larger family gatherings at their homes to capture everyone while they are all together.

How Long does a session last?

The session will last from around 1 to 2 hours. However, I do not clock watch and will only finish the shoot once I am certain I have the images I need. I am guided by your children and will take breaks as and when required. Newborn sessions can be a little longer and can last up to 3 hours. We do not rush these sessions and go with the flow of your baby, feeding and soothing as we go along.

When will we see the photos?

I try my best to always have a little sneak peak of your photos displayed within 48 hours and deliver your beautifully edited gallery within 2-3 weeks. Your gallery will include hand edited images and the rights to download and print.